Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Supported Independent Living (SIL) focuses on supervision and assistance on daily life activities of the participants in order to help them lead their lives independently whilst developing their skills and building their capacities. SIL is a paid support that primarily facilitates shared living placements.

Among the numerous services that we offer, participants can opt for selecting SIL as well. Before choosing SIL as your support option, we would recommend the participants consider the following:

  • Goals for potential home and living placements along with the assistive support required for independent living
  • Whether there could be a better alternative support option
  • If the participants have specific needs that require person-to-person sports
  • Decisions on whether or not the support meets the criteria for SIL funding


For further information, the participants can read the Operational Guideline for SIL where decisions about SIL supports are made transparent.

Our Goals on SIL

Nova Community Care is working consistently to improve and better SIL procedures. Our major objective through the scheme is to regulate the choice and control the participants have over their support options to promote independent living. Here are some of the features that we ensure:

  • Fair and non-discriminating environment where participants can feel equity
  • Emphasis on participant choice and control
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