Plan Management

Nova Community Care is here to help you with financial management. We design our plans to meet your expectations. Furthermore, our determination is to build your capacity and empower you to your farthest potential by working along with you and your stakeholders on constructing the best plan.

In the very first phase of our plan management procedure, we identify your support needs and extract your expectations. Then, after monitoring and evaluating these aspects, we start our review process.

Supported Accomodation

Our service will help you with your funds and also help you allot support needs as well as services on your priority basis. If you already have a plan for these and just need further assistance, then we cover the following regions of plan management:

  • Procurement and management of providers and their fees
  • Expense claim procedures
  • Building your funding statement
  • Capacity building regarding management of funding supports


Apart from these, Nova Community Care can support you in the negotiation and coordination of your personal support provision. Along the process, you can easily change the support level for plan management according to your needs.

We prioritize the values of choice, comfort, independence, and integrity. Do not hesitate to reach out to Nova Community Care to discuss appropriate support services for your needs.

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