The National Disability Insurance Scheme

NDIS is the National Disability Insurance Scheme which was insinuated in the year 2013. Under this scheme, persons with disability below the age of 65 can access special care and support. The scheme works under the National Disability Agency (NDIA). It ensures the access of people with long term disabilities to funds provided by the government. Moreover, it is all about support programs to enhance and care for the health and well being of people with disabilities.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme is introduced for the people with disability and even has a diverse range of support programs from where the participants can choose the ones best for them in accordance to their needs. It also provides them with the choice to use their funding as they want to. The support programs cover numerous sectors including accommodation, employment, independence, fitness, community access, and most importantly, allied health.

NDIS makes sure that the funding is directly received by the people with disabilities and they can spend it in the services they want by the service provider of their choice. The needs of each individual can be specific and thus,NDIS creates a plan for each individual based on their needs and progress objectives.

If you are accessing the NDIS for yourself or even for your loved ones, are you getting perplexed by the technical terminologies? If so, carefully understanding the terminologies will help you choose appropriate support programs. You can begin with a few terms and do your research on them.

The detailed explanation of each of the terminologies can be easily found in the NDIS Glossary and Dejargonator. Furthermore, you can also opt for various online tools developed for this very purpose.

After confirmation of your qualification for the NDIS, you should consult your planner. Your planner will help you access the scheme more efficiently. So you should communicate well about your needs and goals with your planner.

Please note that, everything that you require as a support because of your disability is a reasonable support as suggested by the NDIS. Reasonable support can vary from mobility support to therapeutic support to household tasks as well. If you are unsure about what can be the reasonable support for you, your planner can guide you through it. The basis to support identification is that your support should help you with your disability and it should not be the same to the ones you are already getting or being assisted with.

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