Community Participation

Interacting in the community, having a social life, and performing civic activities are the major attributes of this support. It is necessary for all individuals to have their own social life, participate in the community, socialize with people, and connect with others. Nova Community Care addresses this concern and provides community participation service to the participants in an interactive community setting. In special cases, this can be arranged in a center as well.

We always prioritize the needs of every participant and hence we let them choose their preference for participative activities in the community settings. There are several activities to choose from, such as exploring a new hobby, learning something new, volunteering, joining club activities, etc. Since the needs of each participant can vary, the participants can decide whether to individually partake in these activities or do it as a part of a group.

As a service provider, it is our duty to support the participants while participating in these events. The support includes reasonable accommodation, personal assistance, capacity building, transportation, and similar supports that can ensure meaningful participation of the participant.

There are diverse options for activities that participants can choose in community participation services. Please note that these are not all the activities and further activities can be included depending upon the interest of the participants.

Supported Accomodation
Supported Accomodation


  • Sports Clubs
  • Volunteering
  • Recreational walks and visits
  • Shopping
  • Cooking
  • Movie Screening
  • Gardening
  • Knitting
  • Learning new skills
  • Join Clubs
  • Read Books
  • Visit museum, parks, and galleries
  • Playing musical instruments
  • Visit Friends
  • Camping
  • Outing and Picnic, etc. among many others
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