Assistance with Personal Activities (Daily living)

Nova Community Care provides assistance and helps with daily personal activities to the participants who need supervision in their daily living. If the participants have trouble identifying the level of assistance they require, the NDIS plan can guide them. We provide this support in two forms- in the form of assisted accommodation and also support in the respective homes of the participants.

We are motivated to support the participants in leading their lives by their own choices. Here at Nova Community Care, we design our care supports as per the needs of our participants so that they can have an independent lifestyle. Whether it be needing assistance with having your food, or getting dressed up, or even sleeping, we are here for your help. In addition to these, our support is inclusive of doctor appointments, recreational activities, educational visits, and much more.

Supported Accomodation
Supported Accomodation

Key Features of Assistance with Personal Activities

Our assistance and supervision support the following activities:

  1. Locomotion and Mobility
  2. Assistive aids and Communication
  3. Appointments and Visits
  4. Eating/ Drinking
  5. Toileting
  6. Personal Hygiene and Body Care
  7. Grooming


If you need assistance with any kind of activities other than the aforementioned ones, we can customize the support for you. For that, you can either visit or call us and we can further plan your needs.

All in all, our service of Assistance with Personal Activities covers a wide range of activities. We are flexible to provide assistance in any kind of environment, whether it is in supported accommodation or participants’ homes.

Not only that but also we offer our support to the participants during their vacations, holidays, works, education, etc. These services are also available for the participants in supported accommodation.

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